My garage

Few words on my motorcycle background…

Some years ago I decided to build myself a custom bike to use as a “daily”. It was a start of a new hobby – as I had a garage, some amateur skills and nice bunch of tools collected over the years… I became a cafe racer fanatic. While never actually being a custom chopper “OCC type of builds” fan – classic naked bikes and cafe racers were my cup of tea. I wanted to get my hands dirty and share the passion for classic, custom, old, new – any naked bikes out there.

Since I only had 1 motorcycle to work on – It wasn’t enough. I started this blog – to search, read, admire and post the best builds I find out there (focusing on the garage profile of builders).

So… After spending multiple evenings during many winter months of 2014-2015 – The result was this:

Inazuma GSX1200 Dragster

But it turned out very quickly that You cannot combine looks and practicality (sorry, but it’s true). As the looks kept winning during the buildĀ and practicality suffered – even though it was a comfortable ride, as a handlebars were flat and the rider possition was a lot like “Sportster”… the rear fender was non existent (mud on the back!), there was no “glove box” under the seat for simple tool set or a candy bar… also the seat was narrow and flat- so it was painful to travel for over 1-1,5 hours.

I decided to go for a new solution. Inazuma was sold.

And for the next winter evenings in garage I bought a 1982 Suzuki GSX750S Katana – which looked like this when I brought it home:

The bike was a “project in progress” – frame cut, some mods started, but generally – it was a bike in boxes.

I started restoring and rebuilding the thing. I was happy to discover that the engine was in pretty good shape. And continued the build…

Suzuki GSX750S Katana build
Supertrapp exhaust in place
Suzuki GSX750S Katana build
Fairings paint scheme design in progress

And few months later – in 2016 I bought a “neo-classic” – Green Kawasaki ZRX1200R. This one I use on a daily basis and I love it!

And regarding the Katana – it is already finished (well, stage 1 is…). Stage 2 (maybe in couple of months) – engine swap for a GSXR/Bandit 1100/1200 oil-cooled powerhouse!

1982 Suzuki GSX750S Katana by J22Garage

Here You can read more about it.