Suzuki GSX 1200 Inazuma by Ugly Motors 

Suzuki GSX 1200 Inazuma by Ugly Motors 

GSX 1200 Inazuma is a quite poorly recognized muscle bike from Suzuki. I don’t know why is that to be honest. You have all it takes to make a good retro naked – legendary oil cooled engine, that Suzuki used in many machines… Beautiful design, tank line. Proper retro attributes like twin rear shocks. The same time – it’s a “legendary” Suzuki Bandit clone, regarding the geometry and parts interchangeability. Should be recipe for a success, especially that this tank is one of the better looking in the whole range.

And still… Suzuki managed to release 1200 version only for few years.

It’s great that builds like these – give the bike a deserved recognition. The more happy I am that

this is another Inazuma based project… from Poland.

I like the general approach, to continue the curved lines of a tank in a seat design, front fairing and a paintjob. Front fork’s were upgraded (as for unknown reasons – Inazuma doesn’t provide proper adjustment options with stock ones, despite that Bandit – the clone – does;))

And a steering damper was installed – as it was necessary with sharper front geometry resulting from new forks. I wonder how did they manage to tune the stock carbs for pods as with my build from 2 years ago – they didn’t want to cooperate at all so I sticked with a stock airbox (not that this beast needs more power).
Good job Ugly Motors. I look forward for more of Your builds.

Source: Suzuki GSX 1200 Inazuma by Ugly Motors