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Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 by Bad Winners

Oh man, how special this build is.  Cafe Racer genre reinvented by choosing the exotic and rare donor bike – Husqvarna Vitpilen 701. A motorcycle that is only 2 years old (as from its premiere on the market). A motorcycle revolutionary by its design. A full-blown performance upgrade not only by using super-light materials but also unique performance parts.

This build is a modern incarnation of Cafe Racer meaning

And what’s more – it was built for a young F1 Ferrari driver – Charles Leclerc. And that’s not the end of the trivia here. This motorcycle comes as a DIY kit. Located in France, Bad Winners designed it as a kit that comes in few variants different by “build stage” and ofc… the price.

The kits are available to buy. Bad WInners designed the bodywork and 3d printed the prototype and afterwards created the molds that can be re-used.

But what speaks to me the most. Is the “Austrian – Swedish” mix of design… This almost feels like a KTM Duke. But it is different breed. Yes, they do share some components… Some trolls even say that “Husqvarna is a white KTM”, but it is not true. Their (KTM and Husqvarna) bikes share different philosophy. They feel and ride differently.

And this build is a kind of performance blend of the two. Looking at it, You can see

the KTM that overdosed the steroids.

It’s all carbon fibre. Headlight comes from the new KTM, and it’s a modern LED. Well… Weight is the enemy… F1 driver knows best. So even wheels are made of carbon. Besides, the mods include – custom seat and taillights. Ignition is an RFID delivered by Motogadget.

Engine-wise – there were mods to the catalytic system. You can clearly see – there is an SC-Project exhaust with a carbon tip. Dynojet Power Commander delivers the software. The estimated power figures are 85 bhp (from stock 75). So it’s about 10 bhp extra. And about 27 kg were saved on weight. Considering that the stock motorcycle is superlight (only about 157 kg), these numbers are stunning!

See more details and options on the Bad Winners website. If You happen to own a 701 – You can have Your own super-leggera for a couple of Euro. And this version is a real head-turner.

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