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Top 5 Custom Motorcycles of 2019

End of year is near… time to summarize 2019. Few general comments though. First of all – yes, I was a little lazy this year. I managed to create only about half of the posts made in 2018. On my defence I have that most of the texts were more present, more unique bikes were sent to me rather than I searched for in the archives of the internet. I appreciate this way of creating content, that is somehow exclusive.

I think that a number of Polish builds also increased (despite a smaller total of posts). On the downside – I wrote way less historical texts and created less list/ranking type of posts. Well… I hope for 2020 to be better.

Regardless of the numbers – I would like to thank You – the readers and visitors for being here. And coming back (according to google analytics there is a lot more returning users year-to-year).

This is Your list: top 5 custom builds of 2019

The following list is again based on the numbers – Your views, likes, shares, calculated popularity. Some builds were a surprise for me to get to the top 5. Other personal favourites didn’t make it.

This task was not as easy as I thought, as the numbers above are firmly based on the publish date. So I had to take into account not to favour the motorcycles and posts from the beginning of last year, that had more time to get around the web. There was a touch of my preferences when the numbers were close, but generally, I used the weekly unit of time measurement.

Let’s go…

5. Honda NX650 Dominator by Eastern Spirit Garage

A representation of a growing trend – of “retro-modded” scramblers. Came from the hand of Polish Eastern Spirit Garage. A builder that Won the Scrambler Ducati Rumble in 2018. I had an opportunity to see this thing live in march earlier this year. And it doesn’t disappoint.

A beautiful build with exquisite attention to details.

More info and photos: here

4. Honda CB1000R-adical by Gannet Design and Fuhrer Moto

This one is a pleasant surprise. As the CB1000R is not a phrase You search for connected with “Custom build” attached to it. And yet – the traffic for this post was high. The build is not only unique (due to rarity mentioned above) but also brave choice of paintwork, and… generally good work on the design side. Customizing a machine this modern is never easy.
I love the tires on this thing.

More info and photos: here

3. Ducati MH900e by Onehandmade

My favourite post from 2019. This is one of the most beautiful bikes… ever! Not only posted here in 2019 but all-time. There is something special to the L-Twin connected with these complicated lines of the backbone and this fiery red colour. I’m not surprised that this motorcycle managed to get to make a Top 5.

More info and photos: here

2. Benelli Leoncino “ShapeShifter” by Cardsharper Customs

Another polish participant. Came from Cardsharper Customs)who is an often visitor here on this blog. Jacek is a friend that lives quite close to Warsaw. I appreciate his work and share it with pleasure. This time – this little Benelli managed to beat way more popular search phrases and models. I encourage You to read more about the build using the link below – as this is a 3-in-one motorcycle (hence – the name).

More info and photos: here

1. Yamaha XV920 Virago “Twins” by Moose Motodesign

A sure winner for this year. An absolute custom scene hit of 2019. These two managed to double the traffic of the second motorcycle on this list (Benelli). Although I tend to dislike the Virago based builds (due to their popularity)… But it doesn’t change the fact that these two were an absolute hit all over the internet in 2019. I had a chance to see them live in March 2019 on a motorcycle show near Warsaw… They do stand out.
More info and photos: here



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