xtr pepo

Top 5 Suzuki Bandit builds

Suzuki Bandit. Quite an icon, that is a perfect reflection of Suzuki philosophy: a good and affordable motorcycle, with a…

5 years ago

Suzuki Bandit 600 “Suzuka” by XTR Pepo

This build from 2015 is quite remarkable. I'd┬álike it to be a prediction of a new era of custom motorcycles.…

5 years ago

Ducati Monster 1200R “Il Padrino” by XTR Pepo

About this build, I needed to consider into what category it goes in. By stretching the definition - I put…

5 years ago

Top 5 Honda Hornet Cafe Racers

How to make a boring Honda Hornet cool? Make it retro! I personally believe - that we will be seeing…

5 years ago

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