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Norton “Thruxman” BT-2 by Blacktrack Motors

I had a bad few last days. Couldn’t find any inspiration to do something new with this blog, Neither could I work on my bikes, as I was expecting a new motorcycle stand to arrive, to help me operate on the front suspension… At the same time, I am waiting for promised materials from a few builders and an actual stimulus for a post…

And it came to me suddenly… that if You have trouble finding something new and inspiring – get back to basics. And these basics are old school real British motorcycle and a builder that I genuinely respect – Sasha Lakic. From this combination – came this

Norton “Thruxman” BT-2 by Blacktrack Motors

Motorcycle inspired by a legendary Norton Manx is a modern Triumph Thruxton R, modified to remind the old days better. Well, Triumph model range, in general, is quite close to “retro”, but when You check out the photos of the original Manx, You’ll know what is this about.

Now Blacktrack Motors have tapped into its DNA for the second special: the BT02 THRUXMAN. The idea was simple: create a contemporary café racer, blending the Manx’s classic and unmistakable looks with modern performance.

“The Norton Manx epitomises café racer design,” says Sacha Lakic, Blacktrack founder. “Light, racy, fine, simple, pure and distinguishable, with a unique sound. My favourite version: the 1959 model!”

Blacktrack Motors (besides the looks) are all about performance. Their BT-1 was a brilliant restomod based on quite average donor bike: a Honda CX500. They made this dull and heavy 500ccs V2 motorcycle, into a racing machine. Regarding the BT-2 You can hardly go any more performance oriented when You take on the Thruxton R. The donor packed with high-end Brembo Brakes and Ohlins suspension…

BT-2 is focused purely on the retro vibe of the design

One of the original Manx’s most distinguishing features is its fuel tank—so that’s where Blacktrack started: a design that mimics the lines of the original, but with modern contours that complement the Thruxton’s proportions.

The tank was made of aluminium and equipped with a leather strap. This classic combination evokes the retro vibe of racing in the ’60s. The seat is custom made with black leather with red stitching.

You can see from the photos – a lot is going on with the exhaust pipes. There is a reason for it.

Lakic and the Blacktrack team designed a complete new system to emulate that on the Manx.

The name

“The Thruxman” is a homage to the original Cafe Racer naming conventions. As we all remember the TriTon, NorBsa, NorVins – this one is a twist to this method. It stands for combined Thruxton and Manx. Seems legit.

You can check out the technical data of the bike here. The facts are that while the original Manx was a 500cc, multiple TT winners, producing 54 bhp. This thing is a pure muscle compared to the inspiration – 1200ccs and 96bhp.

The differences are more apparent when You consider that the Manx is air cooled, and the radiator of the Thruxton was kind of an issue regarding the looks. But it was taken care of. Blacktrack redesigned the cooling system, making use of the space left by a custom made exhaust: The radiator is mounted lower.

Just like with the BT-1, BT-2 is planned to be a small series production motorcycle. And what is interesting – the changes made to the Thruxton R can be all reverted to the original (it will be a lot of work, but no mod is final).

Source: | Photos: Sebastien Nunes



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