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Top 5 Honda CX500 builds… so far

Well, I wanted to feature a CX500 as according to some demand – it’s still “the cafe racer” people are looking for all over the web (next to Virago?). But it’s impossible to keep track of all CX builds.So I chose Top 5 Honda CX500 builds… presented so far. Enjoy!

5. Honda CX500 Tracker by Brick House Builds

Let’s start little different. It’s not a cafe racer. According to the builder – it’s a tracker. But IMHO it’s a scrambler 🙂 Regardless – it’s a custom and it’s different than 90% of other CX500’s.I kind of like the “controversial” color choice (gold/red/blue). This build is lightweight, nimble and probably after putting some all-terrain tires would do nicely in a soft off-road.Source: Honda CX500 Tracker by Brick House Builds

4. Project Twister from Wena Customs

Really interesting build from 2016. Very stylish, multiple custom shows winner from Poland. I like the cooper/silver look. And the exhaust really stands out.I had the opportunity to see this CX500 live in Warsaw – it’s really nice build with great attention to detail. But – unfortunately – it’s more of a show bike rather than a daily ride.
Source: Project Twister from Wena Customs | BENZINA

3. CX 500 “Japan Style” from Ed Turner Motorcycles

I don’t know if this is still CX500. The engine (beautifully restored and customized) is I think the only thing left from stock Honda. The tank, frame, rear shock absorber, wheels, forks – everything else is custom. Put together with a perfect sense of style and design – that’s why I like this one.Source: Honda CX 500 Sport ‘Japan Style’ – Ed Turner Motorcycles

2. Type 8 from Auto Fabrica

You would think that it’s impossible to stand out when You choose this popular base for Your build. But just look at this one.I actually don’t know and don’t care about the sound/performance/practicality here… but I know that I wouldn’t mind hanging this piece of metal over my fireplace :)I definitely belong to “Art build” motorcycle category.
Source: CX 500 Type 8 from Auto Fabrica

1. CX500 Cafe Racer BT-01 from Blacktrack Motors

This build is perfect. The color choice, the line, the proportions… the tiny exhaust… and these wheels. What is most interesting – the builder decided to run short series (25) of these CX’s under a new brand created especially for this purpose!They are not cheap, but they are the real deal. Not just “cafe racer styled builds”, but a 100% performance machines.
Source: The CX500 Cafe Racer – BT-01 from Blacktrack Motors brand by Design Sacha Lakic



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