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The Tripla 0.0 by Italian Dream Motorcycle

Tripla 0.0 is a code name of a Triumph Street Triple by Italian Dream Motorcycle. A series of builds based on the three-cylinder icons from the British manufacturer. I’ve featured one of their builds in the “Top 5” post a few weeks earlier. They produced a distinctive looking and performance oriented 45k EUR Speed Triple Competizione.  Actually – that build was not the first of the series.

Its smaller brother – a 675ccs Street Triple, came earlier

The Tripla Series is inspired by an Italian designer – Carlo Talamo. An author of the three-cylinder Triumph naked bikes success. The Tripla 0.0 is not the newest project from IDM, but… this set of photos is very fresh.

When Italian Dream Motorcycles contacted me via Instagram – I knew that this photoshoot would be an excellent opportunity to reach for the Tripla Series, as the Top 5 listing only included one paragraph of the description.

And this type of build… meaning – that this is not just a good looking custom machine on a rare donor bike. Well – it is good looking, and building on a modern Triumph – makes it quite exclusive, but there is a lot more to it.

It is performance oriented

Thanks to the collaboration with highly specialized workshops and years of experience in the world of superbikes and MotoGP, ours are not only beautiful bikes to be seen but also real jewels of mechanics, for construction and performance.

The base platform is a 675cc Street Triple, which was modified using the components of it’s older brother: the Speed Triple. The rear suspension and single-sided swingarm were swapped. There’s also been a change with a power delivery method – as the belt drive was installed, to make the power delivery smoother.

The geometry was left unchanged. Sergio Giordano from IDM emphasises the differences between Speed and Street, but he is nowhere near talking about the smaller brother as the easier and calmer kid.

The sensations that this bike can deliver are different too: when you open the gas it will feel like dominating a mechanic bull by the horns, both from the driving position and the wildness of what you have in between your knees.

The tail and seat were custom made. And the front fairing is one of a kind. A way that it covers the dual headlight is unique,  as it a very distinctive element that makes You recognise the series.

The characteristic exhaust is an exclusive piece, designed and built on purpose for the Tripla 0.0. The aligned three cylinders find their way out through a three-mouth flange, placed under the swing arm, to keep the bike narrow. The rims are machined out of solid blocks of metal, providing the Tripla 0.0 with a dark and heavy look.

Finishing with the words of the famous Carlo Talamo about his Speed Triple project:

it’s the first cafe racer of modern times

You can argue if the cafe racers still make sense. You can hardly improve on the handling and speed anymore. And should they be limited to old British bikes? Maybe yes, but let’s analyse this build – the donor bike is British. It was stock and now – it is lighter, and faster. So the answer is pretty obvious.

Thanks to this kind of custom bikes and builders – the cafe racer segment is still alive.

Source: | Instagram

Photos: Max Serra



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