1978 Suzuki GS1000E “Left for dead” by Randy Wedge

There are many talented people, who do amazing things in their garages, that unfortunately don’t get into the spotlight of the most influential websites. And this blog is all about this kind of people and builds.

It’s my pleasure to present You a truly amazing classic returned to life – 1978 Suzuki GS1000E “Left for dead” by Randy Wedge.

Looked promising doesn’t it? 😉

I found this build on website, I recently joined to reach for some consult regarding my Katana build. I have no idea how I managed to live without that knowledge base before…

Caption from the builder:

This GS1000 was left for dead out in the Arizona sun for 25 years, before being brought back to Indiana, in an attempt to save it. First attempt failed, that’s when I found it on Craigslist with a huge Vetter fairing and scorched tank and seat.
After a year and a half of digging for the parts I wanted, and restoring the parts I was going to keep….

It lives again….

Suzuki was completely renovated. It had the frame powder-coated. Original rusty tank didn’t make it – so better base was found. The same story with seat which was re-contoured and got a new cover. Upper and lower triples were polished. ALL bolts were re-plated. All bearings replaced. New throttle, speedo and tacho cables came.

But it wasn’t just a restoration…

Major modifications were made to make the bike handle and brake better.

Suzuki got: 600 Katana front calipers with custom fit braided brake lines and B-King front radial master cylinder, 600 bandit rear caliper with modified mount and aluminum control bar. Also 600 Katana rear master cylinder with custom mount and aluminum actuating rod replaced the old one.
Modern brake pads went in on both wheels: HH Sintered metallic

Randy installed GS1100E front forks (and front fender), completely rebuilt with new bushings and seal. Cut the main spring and added 1.5 inch spacer to rebound spring and Daytona steering brace. These beautiful 2.75×18 Sun aluminum spoked wheels come from GT550 (front hub). Rotors come from: GS1150E.

GS1100E aluminum rear swingarm, equipped with Japanese home market KYB piggyback shocks (1994 GSX1100S). GS1000C rear hub with Sun 3.5X18 rear alumnium rim, stainless spokes.
Also chain conversion to a lighter (and smaller set) – 530 was made.

Steering damper and welded on frame mount.

All wiring was redone – new Dyna coils, wires, plug ends, and full electronic ignition – powered by Shoria ion battery and a super heavy duty regulator rectifier.

As You would expect… wait… no… it WASN’T completely rebuilt.

These things are really bullet proof.

Only some inspection, servicing and cleaning took place. Engine got new gaskets, was soda-blasted and repainted. As it’s a proper restomod – modifications came: Yoshimura adapter and 11 row oil cooler was mounted in front. To make it breathe: the original 26 Mikuni’s were swapped for 29mm Mikuni Smoothbores with Dynojet stage 3 kit and K+N filters were put on the intake ports. And beautiful chrome Vance and Hines exhaust on the other side.

If You want to go into more (way more…)  “in progress” details and photos – definitely visit and read the whole thread.

Yes. These are the leftovers from the original bike 🙂 And the result is definitely worth the effort…

I hope I’ll have chance to write more about some other builds from this garage!

Source: – Randy Wedge (busa1300)

Not only this Suzuki is oldskool, Randy also is – as he doesn’t have a Facebook account 🙂



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