Suzuki GN400 by Swan Puzone

Suzuki GN400 by Swan Puzone

Suzuki GN400 is… like the less known brother of a superstar – Yamaha SR400. I like it precisely for this reason. I want to appreciate the builders who take the “more difficult” donor bike: less known, a little worse regarding the engineering area (vs the … Read More ›

Suzuki Bandit Colonel Butterscotch by Icon 1000

Top 5 Suzuki Bandit builds

Suzuki Bandit. Quite an icon, that is a perfect reflection of Suzuki philosophy: a good and affordable motorcycle, with a brilliant engine coming from a full family of legendary oil-cooled units… It’s just their way – to release a bike that is reliable, simple and … Read More ›

Suzuki GN400 "13" by Ventus Garage

Suzuki GN400 “13” by Ventus Garage

Suzuki GN400 is an easily overlooked donor bike. Everybody goes crazy with the Yamaha’s SR series. And Suzuki – seems like it doesn’t get the credit it deserves from the builders. Probably because of the stock tank and a general line – that doesn’t look too … Read More ›

Inazuma Barry Sheene Racer by Raspo Concept

Top 5 Suzuki Inazuma builds

Here is a shortlist of (subjectively) the nicest Suzuki GSX Inazuma builds. This list is quite personal – as my first build was an Inazuma 1200. I loved this bike – there is something about these oil-cooled Suzuki 1100/1200 engines. Stated many times before – … Read More ›