Martin Original 1135 EFE from Legend Motors

Legend Motors is a source of the most beautiful classic motorcycles in the world. I’m trying hard to resist posting the bikes they offer on a frequent basis. As I honestly love their place and how these vintage machines present themselves in front of the shop. When I spotted this beauty – I had to feature it. It has many features worth showing, but…

Just look at the welds on this shiny frame

Martin Motorcycles is a small French company, strongly connected with motorsports. Their products (limited series performance machines) are focused on losing weight by using aluminium tanks, lightweight body panels. And adopting well-performing components from other manufacturers.  This one is no exception. It is powered by a quite famous Suzuki GSX 1135 EFE engine. The frames they make are often inspired by classic or cafe racer style.

I have to dig deeper on what they did before, but for now – enjoy this beautiful bike. It’s for sale for “only” 16800 EUR 🙂

Source: Legend Motors



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