Inazuma Barry Sheene Racer by Raspo Concept

Top 5 Suzuki Inazuma builds

Here is a short list of (subjectively) the nicest Suzuki GSX Inazuma builds. This list is quite personal – as my first build was an Inazuma 1200. I loved this bike – there is something about these oil-cooled Suzuki 1100/1200 engines. Stated many times before … Read More ›

Suzuki GSX1200 Inazuma Dragster by J22 Garage

Inazuma GSX 1200 Dragster by J22Garage

My old bike. First build, first experience… and very positive feedback received… great way to start a blog 😉 Please find the below gallery of the build. Also You can find more info on this build on My Bike page.