Honda XR250 "Aggressor 1" by Lucky Custom

Honda XR250 “Aggressor 1” by Lucky Custom

Lucky Custom is a brand that was already featured on this blog. Twice… This tells something. You just can’t overlook their build when “scrolling”  through the photos of custom bikes. They do have a unique style and a special feel to their builds. Aggressive colours. … Read More ›

BMW R1100S #77 "Bull" by Lucky Custom

BMW R1100 #77 “Bull” by Lucky Custom

It’s been a while since last Lucky Custom build feature.  And this one is way different than their previous one. They seem to have a distinctive style regarding tire choices… and the way they run the exhaust pipes. Also, they seem to like the scrambler … Read More ›

Honda CBR600F by North East Custom

Honda CBR600F by North East Custom

I’m sceptical regarding the builds that begin their life as a modern sport or sport-touring bikes. Usually, the build story behind such custom is something like: “I crashed my CBR, and want to fix it cheap” – meaning a street fighter or a quasi cafe … Read More ›

Royal Enfield "The Prime" by Zeus Custom

Royal Enfield “The Prime” by Zeus Custom

With this 2018 Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Twin… quite a long name – You need to see the “before/after” slider on the top of the builder’s website. It is an excellent looking motorcycle when stock, but this transformation seriously improved its appearance. It looks like a … Read More ›