BMW K1200RS by Ugly Motors

BMW K1200RS by Ugly Motors

BMW K1200RS is not the first choice when You think about building a custom motorcycle. Well… Probably it’s not even in the top 50 donor bike models. This build comes with a story… about cooperation. Cooperation fueled by opposite styles and characters. About quite an … Read More ›

BMW R1100S #77 "Bull" by Lucky Custom

BMW R1100 #77 “Bull” by Lucky Custom

It’s been a while since last Lucky Custom build feature.  And this one is way different than their previous one. They seem to have a distinctive style regarding tire choices… and the way they run the exhaust pipes. Also, they seem to like the scrambler … Read More ›

BMW R75/6 "Adrian" by Heiwa Motorcycles

BMW R75/6 “Adrian” by Heiwa Motorcycles

Considering the abundance of BMW R-series builds – it’s challenging to propose something fresh. This build by located in Hiroshima, Japan Heiwa Motorcycles is a proof that it’s still possible to surprise regarding the style. The donor bike is a 1976 BMW R75/6 I have no idea how it got … Read More ›

KTM Superduke 1290

Top 15: future Youngtimer candidates

Recently I got involved in a debate with a fellow blogger (Jabok from, about what makes an excellent Youngtimer candidate among modern motorcycle models. It is obviously not just the age of the bike. We can find multiple examples that despite reaching proper age… … Read More ›

BMW R90S history

BMW R90S history

Every interesting BMW model is described in source material with a quote: “Producer introduced this motorcycle to stop being labelled as boring”. It seems like an impossible task. For decades trying to break the stereotype, that just doesn’t let go. I don’t think they are … Read More ›

1977 BMW R100/7 by Kott Motorcycles

1977 BMW R100/7 by Kott Motorcycles

Located in L.A. area, Kott Motorcycles released tens of custom motorcycles to date. Many of them were published on the biggest blogs. Their styling is very flexible and the range of donor bikes they work on is wide. Somehow I’ve never featured any of their … Read More ›

BMW RnineT Racer by JVB Moto

BMW R NineT Racer by JVB Moto

Every time an R NineT based build comes up – I analyze it very carefully. Especially if it’s a Cafe Racer type project. And quite a lot of these builds look fine! What is no surprise… Since the builders take care of the design, want … Read More ›