Honda XR250 "Aggressor 1" by Lucky Custom

Honda XR250 “Aggressor 1” by Lucky Custom

Lucky Custom is a brand that was already featured on this blog. Twice… This tells something. You just can’t overlook their build when “scrolling”  through the photos of custom bikes. They do have a unique style and a special feel to their builds. Aggressive colours. … Read More ›

Honda NX650 Dominator by LLMotorcycles

Honda NX650 Dominator by LLMotorcycles

I like a build with a story when You can reflect the manhours spent in the garage with every detail made and modification applied to the machine. But this is going to be short and accurate. Just like the conversation I had with the builder. I … Read More ›

Honda FMX650 "Muxima" by Ton-Up Garage

Honda FMX650 “Muxima” by Ton-Up Garage

What I like in posting about custom bikes is that they don’t get old. I used to run a car blog, sharing thoughts about particular models, reviewing, comparing, brainstorming… The issue was that a 2009 Subaru Impreza WRX is only a hot topic for a … Read More ›

Honda Dominator by Eastern Spirit

Honda NX650 Dominator by Eastern Spirit Garage

Oh dear… It’s another Honda Dominator Scrambler build. Well… What can You do? These bikes are having a well-earned renaissance in the hands of custom workshops. This time – this is not an Italian, but Polish build. This Dominator was modified by Eastern Spirit Garage. A … Read More ›

Suzuki GN400 by Swan Puzone

Suzuki GN400 by Swan Puzone

Suzuki GN400 is… like the less known brother of a superstar – Yamaha SR400. I like it precisely for this reason. I want to appreciate the builders who take the “more difficult” donor bike: less known, a little worse regarding the engineering area (vs the … Read More ›