CB750 HookieCo

Honda CB750 “Alcedo” from Hookie Co.

Another old build. I remember when I first saw this Honda CB750 online shortly after its release. It was an (almost) perfect Cafe Racer example and inspiration for my “future” build.

What I like:

  1. The simplicity – clear triangle under the seat, small tacho/speedo, minimalistic mirrors, lighting and buttons on the clip-ons. The ignition key is gone – changed for RFID.
  2. Perfect proportions – it looks lightweight. Raw metal and grey/black paint scheme.
  3. Upgraded rear suspension (YSS Shocks), but still original retro look.

Why “almost” perfect?

  1. Front suspension and brakes were not upgraded. As long as breaks should do fine (it’s still a double disc config), the forks could use an upgrade for more stiffness. I’d love to see some USD swapped in there.
  2. Firestone Champion DeLuxe. I love the looks, understand the origin… but hate the handling of these… so I would rather go with something more modern.
  3. I would definitely lose the rear foot-pegs mounts.

But regardless of the above, it’s a beautiful machine, that probably makes it’s owner happy and is a head turner. And that is what’s matters…

Check out full specs and more photos on the builder’s website!

Honda CB750 "Alcedo" from Hookie Co.Honda CB750 "Alcedo" from Hookie Co.Honda CB750 "Alcedo" from Hookie Co.Honda CB750 "Alcedo" from Hookie Co.Honda CB750 "Alcedo" from Hookie Co.

Source: Honda “Alcedo” CB750 from Hookie Co.