XSR900 "Pole" by North East Custom

Top 5 Yamaha XSR900 cafe racers

The XSR900 series… One one hand – Yamaha did a great job with the MT series. These machines are up to the task. They offer extraordinary performance and ride quality for a very competitive price. But… on the other hand – I don’t get that … Read More ›

Yamaha Type 11 by Auto Fabrica

Yamaha Type 11 by Auto Fabrica

This one is not a regular “look at this awesome custom!” blog post. As I’m always trying to be true to the custom scene, I observe and hope to understand. To value what’s important – the craftsmanship, classic donor bikes, builders unique styles and taste … Read More ›

MotoGuzzi Le Mans Mk II "Airforce" by Death Machines of London

Motorcyle as a work of art?

There is a hashtag on Instagram #motorcycleart… And that makes me think… Can a motorcycle be considered a work of art? My English skill doesn’t allow me to elaborate deeply into some philosophical discussion with my own words. I need to get to some external … Read More ›