1979 Honda CB750 by Redeemed Cycles

1979 Honda CB750 by Redeemed Cycles

Cycle Guide claimed in 1980 that Honda CB750F with its new 77-hp engine can “accelerate with the fury of a one-litre hyperbike” and possessed “magical cornering qualities never before found on a four-cylinder street bike.” Although this upgraded 750 didn’t look as classy as the original CB, it was a worthy successor of the most important motorcycle in history.

1979 Honda CB750 by Redeemed Cycles

What You see here is a CB750K. The less extreme brother of the CB750F, which was Honda’s effort to regain the supremacy of their original CB750. It forms a kind of a bridge between the original one, and the sporty versions. CB750K didn’t provide the handling or the stopping power of the F, but it retained the classic vibe of the spoked wheels and the overall line.

It is clean and simple

1979 Honda CB750 by Redeemed Cycles

The wheels, brakes, swingarm and suspension are stock looking. The most prominent changes You can see at the tail and the engine intake and exhaust. So why feature this build?

I featured many space-age builds recently. Beautiful bikes, exotic donors, the concept that doesn’t match any segment or style. It’s time to balance that with going back to the roots.

1979 Honda CB750 by Redeemed Cycles

Just take a look at the mods here.

  1. The builder modified the tail section. The seat was shortened to match the proportions of the rest of the bike. It’s one-seater now, but with the LED lights and the shape of the cushion – it looks more modern.
  2. There are no clip-ons. The handlebar is classic looking, a little lower than stock. The speedo is small, headlight standard chromed and round.
  3. The intake was equipped with flatslide CR29 Keihin carbs with K&N individual air filters. The exhaust is shortened, matte black with a traditional megaphone muffler. Small and hidden under the gearbox. Cleans up the profile nicely, even without fighting to open the triangle under the seat. Custom made side cover does the job.
  4. The paint job is eye-catching, but also nothing fancy. Bright colours, contrast and simplicity of recreating the iconic pinstriping on the side profile of a classic Honda CB.

That’s it. And it looks perfect. I find it really beautiful with the original drum brake at the rear, steel swingarm that is basically invisible from the profile. All this is underlined with this high-key photoshoot. Enjoy!

1979 Honda CB750 by Redeemed Cycles1979 Honda CB750 by Redeemed Cycles1979 Honda CB750 by Redeemed Cycles1979 Honda CB750 by Redeemed Cycles1979 Honda CB750 by Redeemed Cycles

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