Honda CBX1000 1981 "BS4" from Bad Seeds

Honda CBX1000 1981 “BS4” from Bad Seeds

Just yesterday I shared on the Facebook profile a movie of a Benelli 750 Sei… I could listen to these six into six exhausts for hours… It’s a beautiful machine with a unique engine and bodywork (and awful looking dashboard)… But Benelli is such a rare bike that You probably won’t find a modified one… So let’s look for the Japanese and a better equivalent of straight six engine –

Honda CBX1000 BS4

This one was produced in 1981. It’s more common than it’s Italian predecessor, but still a unique machine. It was a moderate success for Honda, as the engine didn’t provide the “power” it was expected to… It was, of course, smooth, as it’s the best cylinder configuration for vibration cancelling. But also provided the price increase and upped the service costs and weight. So the model didn’t last long…

If I managed to buy one of these (stock) – and believe me – I tried… I would have a serious dilemma – whether to restore it, do a restomod or to fully customise it. I think I would choose point 2 – as I find the stock CBX to be a beautiful looking classic muscle bike.

That’s why it’s nice to see that someone took things one step further – and built this monster.

USD front forks, Ohlins rear shocks, swapped swingarm, FCR Keihin carbs and velocity stacks… and so on. No need to point these things to a petrolhead…

But respect to the builder who thought of putting a Harley Sportster tank on a Honda 🙂

And it fits the style! Enjoy the photos and make sure to visit the link below.

Source: BadSeeds