Supercharged Yamaha SR400 from Fred Krugger

Supercharged Yamaha SR400 from Fred “Krugger” Bertrand

Personally – I don’t get the cult surrounding the Yamaha SR 400. Being an amateur bike builder – I never understood the prices of these things. Maybe one day I’ll get that why is it such an important bike, that just recently it got back to production (with eco upgrades to pass the emission tests).

But I do understand the potential of 1 cylinder engine – as it’s very lightweight and sounds nice… and, what is most important here – leaves a lot of room under the tank. And boy… how all this space was used in this particular SR 400 build:)

A supercharged, 1 cylinder, air cooled engine…

And all this performance focus – the builder didn’t forget about the attention to details. I love the air intake that makes this nice loop over the supercharger.

Please check the link below to read the full story behind this build. Also click the link to hear what the maker has to say about it: VIDEO

Source: Supercharged Yamaha SR 400 from Fred “Krugger” Bertrand