Honda Hornet 600 Tamashi by Studio Fibre

Honda Hornet 600 – TAMASHI by StudioFibre

If someone comes on some cafe racer builders forums… says “Hi, I’m new, I have a… Hornet (or a Fazer, or a Bandit) and I want to make a Cafe out of it – what’s Your advice?”

The reply usually is: “Buy a different base, You can’t get nothing good out of a Hornet” ūüôā

There are Rrestomods… and there are… Retromods (new word?). This Hornet “Tamashi” is nowhere near a classic or a base You would consider to modify… in most cases… But this is a good looking custom. Built with a spirit of a “cafe racer” style with retro accents (fairing, front brake) but also with proper modernchassiss and handling. And bravo for that.

The diversity in the current reality is very important. Builders from all over the world get recognized via WWW. It’s impossible to miss a bike these days… As we see recently hundreds of modified ex. BMW R series (it’s getting quite boring actually)… So bravo for this one. It’s different – and that’s the point:)

Source: StudioFibre