Tracker MK2 from XTR

Tracker MK2 from XTR

As a muscle bike ultimate fan – with time – I find myself to gravitate more and more towards lightweight machines. But as far as big neo-classic bikes fit better the cafe racer vibe – street racing, performance upgrades… Lightweight, on the other hand, should be made to work off-road ūüôā

And this Honda CBF based Tracker from Spanish XTR Pepo garage is a nice combination of both worlds.

It has street tires, and fender (front one – as the rear is non-existent) and general candy look. But You definitely can see that with minimum effort – it can be made to work off-road. Just install some higher front fender, rear mudguard and put on all-terrain tires – and You got Yourself a fine looking scrambler.

This duality almost works perfectly for me. The only thing that would present an issue when going through mud is this super low exhaust.

Tracker MK2 from XTRTracker MK2 from XTRTracker MK2 from XTRTracker MK2 from XTRTracker MK2 from XTR

Source: Tracker MK2 2017 from XTR