BMW R80ST "Black Bavarian Lady" by Reier Motors

BMW R80ST “Black Bavarian Lady” by Reier Motors

It’s quite difficult to get around the BMW naming conventions. As far for the R or K or S are pretty simple, the number that follows is an engine “size”. The letters that follow are a version. In this case, it means “Street Touring”. It was built based on a very popular R80GS… And everyone knows what the GS badge means if we are talking about BMW. The father of all adventure bikes. Not that it matters, as here we are talking about a customized bike anyway. So it doesn’t stand for anything any more.

Here comes Reier Motors

BMW R80ST "Black Bavarian Lady" by Reier Motors

So the ST (in this case from 1984) compared to the GS version had a smaller front wheel, lowered suspension. It was left with a 50 bhp boxer engine and a shaft drive.

Reier Motors took this timeless classic and converted it in the direction of its origins – back to the Scrambler/Adventure segment. At least regarding the looks, at it was still meant to be a city bike (I get the photoshoot, the tires and the style… but let’s be serious – the fenders are hardly there;))

BMW R80ST "Black Bavarian Lady" by Reier Motors

The mods start with a neatly painted CB500 tank. Renthal Handlebar is a classic MX style. The pair of headlights is obviously LED. You can see another spotlight on the left side.

The rear suspension was upgraded with a new stronger and more comfortable shock. The engine was left mostly stock. It’s hard to kill. I also find it special when the bike is rebuilt but the heart is visibly old and bruised… but still pumping, like almost 40 years ago.

BMW R80ST "Black Bavarian Lady" by Reier Motors

The exhaust is a cherry on top

It is a second Reier Motors build on this blog. If You check out their website – You will see that regardless of the donor bike and style – one thing always stands out – the exhaust pipes. This build is no different. They are twisted, organic… a little chaotic, but fit the style and grab the attention. The SC-Project silencers are always a nice addition. They probably need some Db Killers though…

BMW R80ST "Black Bavarian Lady" by Reier MotorsBMW R80ST "Black Bavarian Lady" by Reier Motors