BMW R1100S #77 "Bull" by Lucky Custom

BMW R1100 #77 “Bull” by Lucky Custom

It’s been a while since last Lucky Custom build feature.  And this one is way different than their previous one. They seem to have a distinctive style regarding tire choices… and the way they run the exhaust pipes. Also, they seem to like the scrambler style a lot. Their Honda NX was something fresh. This BMW 1100 is no different.

It was completely redesigned

BMW R1100S #77 "Bull" by Lucky Custom

Honestly, there was no other choice. As the donor 1998 BMW R1100S cannot be considered as a design piece. Its looks are on the other end of the beauty scale. Somewhere below the first Multistrada.

BMW R1100S #77 "Bull" by Lucky Custom

The frame was redesigned entirely here. A combination of the sportbike design with a trellis construction, similar to the one we know from Ducati Monster.

The trademark painted tires are there, wrapping the stock wheels. I have no idea how does the yellow paint put on the thread rather than the sidewall of the rubber, but it surely works for the photoshoot.

BMW R1100S #77 "Bull" by Lucky Custom

The exhaust is visible above the rear wheel – like the Lucky Custom likes to put them. The front fork comes from a BMW 1000. New frame and backbone line of the motorcycle required shorter frontend.

BMW R1100S #77 "Bull" by Lucky Custom

The paintjob resembles the BMW M performance colours. The brave choice to make the frame white – makes it stand out, especially while the lower part of the motorcycle seems 100% black.

BMW R1100S #77 "Bull" by Lucky Custom

The result is a mix of genres. That seems a lot more legit than the “stock” R NineT. The brand is there – but the problematic donor bike makes it easy to appreciate from the engineering perspective: Not only for the design but for the work required to modify the ugly touring bike into a stylish cafe racer. I just can imagine how many hours it took to build this custom mini fairing. And now to put this into perspective – multiply this for the tank, seat, rear frame.

Great job, a real gem in the custom scene.

BMW R1100S #77 "Bull" by Lucky CustomBMW R1100S #77 "Bull" by Lucky CustomBMW R1100S #77 "Bull" by Lucky CustomBMW R1100S #77 "Bull" by Lucky Custom

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