Honda CB750F "James" by Street Garage

Honda CB750F “James” by Street Garage

Today, I’d like to present You a build, that I met in real life. And it wasn’t an enjoyable encounter. I know Pawel from Street Garage as we ride together almost every week during “the Coffee Custom Spot” meetings. One day last season, when we were riding outside Warsaw to a barbecue, he came with this Honda CB750F.  It wouldn’t be anything exceptional, as Paweł usually rides many motorcycles – either his or his client’s builds. Well, it’s always good to welcome a new machine during the meeting, but this time it was exceptional.

Honda CB750F "James" by Street Garage

Not only because this build looks great

And it was a fresh addition to the whole machine park. But because it was its first longer test ride and I took place in the column right behind this freshly built Honda CB750F. The problem was – the paint on the engine was not yet cured, and it smelled like old socks when it got to a proper working temperature…

Honda CB750F "James" by Street Garage

The whole ride I was wondering what is going on:) And I wasn’t the only one. This story is in the past, as I’m sure the new owner is now happy with this machine, and the engine smell is certainly gone.

About the motorcycle. It is a 1982  Honda CB750F Bol d’Or modified by Street Garage for a client. It was customised to be… I have no idea what exactly. As it incorporates features of 3 different styles: Cafe Racer front end, scrambler tires and fork guards, and a brat styled rear end. It was built with great attention to details using top quality components. The whole concept of putting offroad tires to a fenderless machine is crazy and doesn’t make much sense. But it also makes it super unique 🙂

Honda CB750F "James" by Street Garage

When mentioning top quality

Motogadget always comes into mind. And this motorcycle is full of it: handlebar switches, turn signals (M-Blaze Disc), the central electric hub is famous M-Unit V2, and the ignition is keyless (M-Lock).

Other components include Excell handlebars, Highsider mirror. The headlight is a 7 inch British with a Speaker inside, Biltwell grips and foot pegs.

Honda CB750F "James" by Street Garage

The intake is K&N custom filter, breathing out through a nice brushed Delkevic exhaust. The front suspension is from Wurth, rear shocks – BiTubo.

The most interesting accessory is the GPS gauge (speedo and tachometer) from Cognito Moto. A quite impressive gadget, large, flat and “analogue looking”. Fits the build perfectly.

Honda CB750F "James" by Street GarageHonda CB750F "James" by Street GarageHonda CB750F "James" by Street GarageHonda CB750F "James" by Street GarageHonda CB750F "James" by Street GarageHonda CB750F "James" by Street Garage