The Nembo 32 iperleggera

The Nembo 32 iperleggera

You might remember the small series production Nembo 32. It is a custom build of a different level… and a unique concept of a motorcycle as a whole.

A really unique new motorcycle: no bike is alike…

The project started in 2008. The main idea was an upside-down engine as a structural platform and to eliminate traditional frame and chassis. To save weight and improve on the centre of mass. The result was a 160kg of dry weight with a 2-litre engine. You can read more on the topic in the previous post.

The Nembo 32 iperleggera


This post is about an updated concept of the Nembo 32…

The Iperleggera

As in the previous project, the engine was the main focus. Here we can see an actual design of even more lightweight version with another unique feature – custom front suspension. The weight reduction was achieved by using more “carbon” components. Regarding the unusual front end:

Its Hossack style “kind of” front-end contributes to centralize the sprung masses moving also the front suspension shock absorber towards the center of gravity and so reducing also considerably the front-end unsprung masses. This extremely lightweight front-end performs four different functions, in addition to all the recognized benefits of this kind of front-end. The seat sub-frame is also eliminated for the same purpose.

The Nembo 32 iperleggera

The other benefit achieved by using the carbon is reducing not only the weight of elements but also their sizes. Which allowed relocating many other components – all in favour to keep the lines clean and most importantly, the centre of mass exactly where the designer wanted it to be.

This is a concept bike. Not yet built, but ready to be produced. This is not just a render. The parts are designed – and prepared to be produced. Considering that the “unlikely classic” Nembo exists in reality – I can’t wait to see the “Iperleggera” on the road.

The Nembo 32 iperleggera

The estimated weight reduction vs the classic one is about 20 kgs (achieving the dry weight of around 140 kgs).

A quick reminder of the engine parameters:

over 210 Nm of torque and 200+ bhp.

This, in theory, should result in over 1.4 bhp per 1kg of weight. This is a sick value! The Italians from Nembo Motociclette is expecting to make about 200 per year in total (not yet decided whether the 32 “classic” or “iperleggera”.

Good luck, guys!

The Nembo 32 iperleggera