Yamaha GTS 1000 Custom from Sheffers Engineering

Yamaha GTS 1000 from Scheffers Engineering

It’s quite difficult to find an uncommon base that was built with some extraordinary concept.

In most casess it’s either a builder trying to work with a motorcycle that is not often modified… trying to keep it in some particular style definition. Or the other way around – You take a super popular base and try to surprise the audience with a different direction of mods.

It’s a significantly more uncommon to have both at the same time! And here we are… Please take a look at this

Yamaha GTS 1000 Custom

The base is a quite a landmark in the motorcycle world. A “failed experiment” by Yamaha – which was trying to introduce a new concept of a touring motorcycle. Yamaha GTS was extraordinary for many reasons. Besides what You see straight away – the front swingarm and suspension design, which not only looks cool, but also provides some very good characteristics on controlling nose dive during braking. It also introduced a fuel injection, ABS and catalytic converter. Why a failed experiment? The bike didn’t sell good, as with all unique features – it was quite overpriced for the segment.

So we have a unique base, pretty rare – and with very nice pricing – on the aftermarket… And Roel Scheffers took it for a spin and released this beauty…

I like the rear swingarm mod to match the front. I like the brave color choice – to leave raw metal exterior, but go wild on the engine paint. What You also need to notice is that the base construction is very tall. So there is a lot of mods going on that are not obvious – to lower the front suspension, handlebars and fuel tank.

The result is a motorcycle that has basically the first place on google search term: GTS 1000 custom.

Brilliant job! Maybe someday… this Yamaha would be… my next base for a build…

Source: Yamaha GTS1000 from Scheffers Engineering