ZRX 1224RR by James Compton Customs

ZRX 1224RR by James Compton Customs on Pikes Peak

An interesting document from 2013 made by OnTheThrottle.TV about preparations to climb legendary Pikes Peak on a resto-modded Kawasaki ZRX.
If You follow James Compton Customs on Facebook, You know that it’s a “ZRX kingdom” (if You don’t follow them – You should start, it’s worth it!). I especially appreciate a small set of manufactured carbon accessories dedicated to this Kawasaki, that make this muscle bike look even more epic (see featured image).

Enjoy – below 4 part story of resto-modding this modern classic (ZRX 1224RR), to take on the most iconic hill climb competition in the world.

4 parts below.

The bike

The test

The team

The race

Just see that Kawasaki go around 47 minutes time…