XV 920 by Hageman Cycles

82 Yamaha XV920 by Hageman Cycles

Back to basics – Yamaha XV920 1982 build by Hageman Cycles.

The base cannot be more popular. I don’t think any other model has this number of “kits” for conversion sold all over the world. Virago – is the VW Golf of cafe racers.

And this builder is one of the most recognized and featured all over the custom motorcycles scene. You can easily find at least 7 of their XV/Virago builds to have been shared on major custom motorcycle blogs.

So let’s pay a little tribute to Greg Hageman by sharing one of the “older builds”. I strongly recommend to visit the link below and check out the number of builds featured on Hageman Cycles website. Grab a coffee and just browse the galleries 🙂

Why this Yamaha (among other XV/Virago based builds)?

I don’t know. It just popped into my eye among all the rest. I think it’s just the right amount of bling and simplicity. Just perfect level of classic polished metal, spoked wheels, straight line of tank with the seat and a perfect set of accessories does the work for me.

Source: Yamaha XV920 by Hageman – Classic Motorcycle Engineering