BMW K75 by Renard Speed Shop Estonia

BMW K75 | Renard Speed Shop

Staying with BMW. This K75 by Renard Speed Shop is one of most important builds that pushed me to get into motorcycle building / riding. When I saw this bike few years back, just when I was about to choose the first base for the first build – I instantly decided to go with BMW “The Brick” K… either 100 or 75.
Filtered all local ads for the model and called few sellers. I was going to copy this build to have my own. I arranged some meetings with BMW K owners nearby…

And took few for a test drive.

And then the magic was gone. Stock K-series is heavy, a little sluggish and IMHO lacks the “X-factor” that makes You want to ride one until You’re out of gas.

So I decided to go back to searching for Suzuki Inazuma which I finally bought. I don’t regret it.

But I also now know that the K-series are handling way better when stripped of the stock stuff. I had a chance to drive one cafe build based on K100 – and it was a totally different bike… So definitely stays in the focus for the future build.

More info about this stunning build, straight from it’s Estonian builders – click the source.

Source: BMW K75 | Renard Speed Shop