BMW RnineT Racer by JVB Moto

BMW R NineT Racer by JVB Moto

Every time an R NineT based build comes up – I analyze it very carefully. Especially if it’s a Cafe Racer type project. And quite a lot of these builds look fine! What is no surprise… Since the builders take care of the design, want to stand out, be unique and know that looks matter.

Opposite to factory BMW R NineT Cafe Racer version, which looks like it was designed by accident. It’s like the fairing was designed by the person who never saw the rest of the bike. Same thing with the tail. The more surprised I get when I talk with friends who tend to generally love the R NineT model range.

BMW RnineT Racer by JVB Moto

And this build again proves what needs to be done to fix the donor bike’s awful line.

JVB Moto changed the fairing, simplified and straightened the line. Managed to rescue the spot where the tank meeds the tail. The whole thing looks better, minimalistic. The angles are in the right place (squarish tail end rather than stock – rounded one or the airbox covers).

BMW RnineT Racer by JVB Moto

And it kind of proves the point when after writing the above – You read a quote from the builder online:

I liked the NineT Racer as soon as I saw it,’ he explains, ‘I just wanted it to look more clean, minimalist and aggressive.

The styling is perfect. Personally, I would see it in some “raw metal terror” color scheme. But I understand and appreciate the vision of the builder – blue fits well. The carbon fiber wheel covers make the bike look heavy and yet fit the minimalistic approach (solid wheels, no spokes or rims visible to distort the lower part line). Custom fender, the seat line with integrated stop light…

BMW RnineT Racer by JVB Moto

All this was made without any heavy welding or cutting. To keep it road legal (since JVB Moto are located in Cologne, Germany – You need to know that they are very strict out there about any customizations of motor vehicles).


BMW RnineT Racer by JVB MotoBMW RnineT Racer by JVB MotoBMW RnineT Racer by JVB MotoBMW RnineT Racer by JVB MotoBMW RnineT Racer by JVB MotoBMW RnineT Racer by JVB Moto

Source: JVB Moto | Facebook