Ducati Scrambler D-EV by Natapichat

Ducati Scrambler D-EV by Natapichat

Electric cars are everywhere now. And there is no running away from it. Batteries will slowly take it over from petrol. Electric motorcycles – are few steps back, but they are a growing segment of the market.  I consider buying one myself even – once the prices drop a little more… to a level of regular motorcycles.

But an electric cafe racer?

Well… I don’t think so. I think this would be where I draw the line.  But… nobody is calling this build a “cafe”. And I think it’s worth presenting.

Ducati Scrambler D-EV by Natapichat

There isn’t much information about this Ducati Scrambler. The builder (Napichat) is definitely a fan of EVs. And in this case, he modified a modern Scrambler and competed with it in a Custom Rumble. Without many votes – actually, this was quite underwhelming how “bad”, considering pure numbers the reception was. And I think it’s undeserved.

Someone definitely took care of the looks. The batteries are nicely packed, the belly pan looks good – the styling is completely professional. It’s clean and simple. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was released as a stock version to buy. It’s a good looking machine in general.

Ducati Scrambler D-EV by Natapichat

About the numbers

it has a  33Kw engine in it with a 5.6kWh battery. This combo puts out 107 Nm of torque and reaches a top speed of 160km/h, weighs about 165kg and has a range of about 100km. I think these are completely acceptable values for a daily commuter. And when You think about it – motorcycles like warm weather – just like the batteries. Seems like a perfect combination. I’m quite optimistic about the future (yet still being a fan of the past).

What do You think?

Ducati Scrambler D-EV by Natapichat

Ducati Scrambler D-EV by NatapichatDucati Scrambler D-EV by Natapichat

Source: Ducati Custom Rumble 2018 | Builder: Instagram