Moto Guzzi Le Mans by Kaffeemaschine

The story of MotoGuzzi Le Mans

Long, narrow, with characteristic parallel* V2 (ok… it’s an Italian bike, so it’s not parallel, it’s transverse – as they categorize them the opposite way than the rest of the world). With its bikini fairing over the Aprilia headlight – … Read More ›

1977 BMW R100/7 by Kott Motorcycles

1977 BMW R100/7 by Kott Motorcycles

Located in L.A. area, Kott Motorcycles released tens of custom motorcycles to date. Many of them were published on the biggest blogs. Their styling is very flexible and the range of donor bikes they work on is wide. Somehow I’ve … Read More ›

Honda CBX750 by X-Axis

Honda CBX750 by X-Axis

This thing was all over the web recently. I was hesitating if I should follow and put it here. I decided to do it – for 1 reason: it’s really not often when You see a CBX750 modified. Most of … Read More ›

Honda Dominator "Calipso" by South Garage

Honda Dominator “Calipso” by South Garage

Seems like my drifting towards offroad and the other genre of builds is unstoppable. But I’m happy about this. It makes the bikes featured here more diverse. From a hardcore, kevlar fitted racetrack builds, to a lightweight dual-sports converted into a style … Read More ›

Suzuki GN400 "13" by Ventus Garage

Suzuki GN400 “13” by Ventus Garage

Suzuki GN400 is an easily overlooked donor bike. Everybody goes crazy with the Yamaha’s SR series. And Suzuki – seems like it doesn’t get the credit it deserves from the builders. Probably because of the stock tank and a general line … Read More ›

Kawasaki Z1300

Kawasaki Z1300 history

Classic motoring enthusiasts know that the golden age of cars was the 60’s. It’s hard to disagree. It’s back then when Jaguar E-Type was born, or a cult classic pony-car Ford Mustang. In the motorcycle world, the golden era would … Read More ›

Honda RC166 250 1965

Honda RC166: 6 cylinder racing legend

“Vorsprung durch Technik” – is a slogan that Audi invented. In my opinion – it’s marketing BS. What can You do – every brand needs a motto. But it actually fits perfectly to Soichiro Honda and this particular story… a … Read More ›