Honda CBX 750F "La Maja Desnuda"

Honda CBX 750F “La Maja Desnuda”

It seems like there is a fashion for CBX around the corner, as this is another one featured within a couple of weeks apart. This particular build has two fathers: Francesco “Paura” Curci (designer and well known Italian rapper) and Angelo “Low” Caliendo (builder and customizer). The donor … Read More ›

Honda CX500 by KerkuS Motorworks

Honda CX500 by KerkuS Motorworks

Honda CX500. One of the most commonly modified motorcycles. I’m quite sure, that if not for the custom scene – it would have been a forgotten piece of Japanese engineering. As it’s neither pretty or a good machine (considering the competition it had to face). … Read More ›

Honda CB750 by MessnerMoto

Honda CB750 by MessnerMoto

Featuring a CB750 is a tricky thing. Generally – we’ve seen it all. CB Four stock is a thing of beauty – spoked wheels, one of the best-looking air cooled engines ever and the iconic tank. Just put on some short tail, clip-ons and You … Read More ›

Honda CBX750 by X-Axis

Honda CBX750 by X-Axis

This thing was all over the web recently. I was hesitating if I should follow and put it here. I decided to do it – for 1 reason: it’s really not often when You see a CBX750 modified. Most of the builders go for a … Read More ›

Honda Dominator "Calipso" by South Garage

Honda Dominator “Calipso” by South Garage

Seems like my drifting towards offroad and the other genre of builds is unstoppable. But I’m happy about this. It makes the bikes featured here more diverse. From a hardcore, kevlar fitted racetrack builds, to a lightweight dual-sports converted into a style icon. I’m also pleased when … Read More ›

Kawasaki Z1300

Kawasaki Z1300 history

Classic motoring enthusiasts know that the golden age of cars was the 60’s. It’s hard to disagree. It’s back then when Jaguar E-Type was born, or a cult classic pony-car Ford Mustang. In the motorcycle world, the golden era would be the next decade – … Read More ›

Honda RC166 250 1965

Honda RC166: 6 cylinder racing legend

“Vorsprung durch Technik” – is a slogan that Audi invented. In my opinion – it’s marketing BS. What can You do – every brand needs a motto. But it actually fits perfectly to Soichiro Honda and this particular story… a man that had a dream … Read More ›

XL600R "KT600" by Classified Moto

Top 5 Honda XR/XL builds

Following a quite recent Top 5 of Suzuki DR650 post (that was very well received – thanks a lot!)… let’s check what the main competitor of guys from Hamamatsu – Honda, has to offer. It’s difficult to pick a particular model for this Top 5 … Read More ›

Honda CB360T by Artur Barros

Honda CB360T by Artur Barros

This little Honda is a perfect definition of a UJM Restomod. UJM stands for Universal Japanese Motorcycle. And Honda changed the world when they launched their CB series. This particular 360 is a smaller, 2 cylinder brother of the CB-Fours. And what grabbed my attention … Read More ›

CB 600F Hornet Cafe Racer by Jigsaw Customs

Top 5 Honda Hornet Cafe Racers

How to make a boring Honda Hornet cool? Make it retro! I personally believe – that we will be seeing more and more of this kind of “retro-mods” in the future. I’m honestly quite surprised that no workshop has proposed a “kit” to modify a … Read More ›