Kawasaki Z1300

Kawasaki Z1300 history

Classic motoring enthusiasts know that the golden age of cars was the 60’s. It’s hard to disagree. It’s back then when Jaguar E-Type was born, or a cult classic pony-car Ford Mustang. In the motorcycle world, the golden era would be the next decade – … Read More ›

Honda RC166 250 1965

Honda RC166: 6 cylinder racing legend

“Vorsprung durch Technik” – is a slogan that Audi invented. In my opinion – it’s marketing BS. What can You do – every brand needs a motto. But it actually fits perfectly to Soichiro Honda and this particular story… a man that had a dream … Read More ›

XL600R "KT600" by Classified Moto

Top 5 Honda XR/XL builds

Following a quite recent Top 5 of Suzuki DR650 post (that was very well received – thanks a lot!)… let’s check what the main competitor of guys from Hamamatsu – Honda, has to offer. It’s difficult to pick a particular model for this Top 5 … Read More ›

Honda CB360T by Artur Barros

Honda CB360T by Artur Barros

This little Honda is a perfect definition of a UJM Restomod. UJM stands for Universal Japanese Motorcycle. And Honda changed the world when they launched their CB series. This particular 360 is a smaller, 2 cylinder brother of the CB-Fours. And what grabbed my attention … Read More ›

CB 600F Hornet Cafe Racer by Jigsaw Customs

Top 5 Honda Hornet Cafe Racers

How to make a boring Honda Hornet cool? Make it retro! I personally believe – that we will be seeing more and more of this kind of “retro-mods” in the future. I’m honestly quite surprised that no workshop has proposed a “kit” to modify a … Read More ›

Honda CB400F from PopBang Classics

Honda CB400F from PopBang Classics

I just noticed that this blog was recently quite one-sided regarding the type of featured motorcycles. XJR 1300, Z1000, Four modern classics and a Franken Gixxer with a B12 engine. It’s a pretty muscular setup. So I decided to get a little lower with engine … Read More ›

Muscle Race - XJR vs GPZ

Japanese muscles – my kind of toys

It’s difficult to stay on track with modern technology and motorcycles released every year. If You’re a guy who likes to have the best in range, the top model, the fastest, the best looking, the most expensive – whatever… with modern Superbikes – You can’t … Read More ›

Tracker MK2 from XTR

Tracker MK2 from XTR

As a muscle bike ultimate fan – with time – I find myself to gravitate more and more towards lightweight machines. But as far as big neo-classic bikes fit better the cafe racer vibe – street racing, performance upgrades… Lightweight, on the other hand, should … Read More ›

CB750 HookieCo

Honda CB750 “Alcedo” from Hookie Co.

Another old build. I remember when I first saw this Honda CB750 online shortly after its release. It was an (almost) perfect Cafe Racer example and inspiration for my “future” build. What I like: The simplicity – clear triangle under the seat, small tacho/speedo, minimalistic mirrors, … Read More ›