1979 R100/7 "Hammerhead – Shark" by Hookie Co.

Top 10 BMW R-Series builds

Let’s stay on the BMW builds listing. This time BMW R-series Top 10… A donor bike such characteristic and common, that You have a lot to choose from. There are literally hundreds of them. Personally, I’m not a big fan of this base since most … Read More ›

K101 Gatermann

Top 10 BMW K-series builds

I wanted to write another Top 5 post for the series… Selected “the brick” from BMW as a topic for the list. And it turned out that there are so many interesting builds based on this iconic BMW series… that Top 5 doubled… This list includes … Read More ›

Watkins M001 by Watkins Motorworks

Watkins M001 by Watkins Motorworks

That title doesn’t say much? Doesn’t it? No wonder, as today’s build is quite special. Not only because it originated in my home city – Gdańsk (Poland). It’s because I’ve never seen anything like this before. I had a chance to see this machine live … Read More ›

BMW R Nine T by 2 Loud

BMW R NineT by 2 Loud

What can You do with almost perfect retro naked from BMW? Well, actually I don’t like R Nine T at all… as I find it over-designed and too complicated regarding line… but most of the people love it… You can take it… disassemble it… modify, … Read More ›

BMW K75 by Renard Speed Shop Estonia

BMW K75 | Renard Speed Shop

Staying with BMW. This K75 by Renard Speed Shop is one of most important builds that pushed me to get into motorcycle building / riding. When I saw this bike few years back, just when I was about to choose the first base for the … Read More ›

BMW R90S by Sébastien Beaupère

BMW R90S by Sébastien Beaupère

BMW and their boxer engines. Totally unpractical as they are wide and get easily damaged during even the smallest fall. But have this kind of magic, that the owners recognize. Not my kind of story to be honest. I’m more of a British / Italian … Read More ›