Suzuki Katana 1100 by Team Classic Suzuki

Top 5 Suzuki Katana custom builds

I’m pretty hyped recently. I feel like a kid that’s just got a new toy. A toy he’s been wishing for many months. And the dream just came through. I bought a 1993 Suzuki GSX-F 1100. A very neglected bike,  that’s been through a lot… … Read More ›

Suzuki GN400 by Swan Puzone

Suzuki GN400 by Swan Puzone

Suzuki GN400 is… like the less known brother of a superstar – Yamaha SR400. I like it precisely for this reason. I want to appreciate the builders who take the “more difficult” donor bike: less known, a little worse regarding the engineering area (vs the … Read More ›

Muscle Race - XJR vs GPZ

Japanese muscles – my kind of toys

It’s difficult to stay on track with modern technology and motorcycles released every year. If You’re a guy who likes to have the best in range, the top model, the fastest, the best looking, the most expensive – whatever… with modern Superbikes – You can’t … Read More ›